Adhesive Advancements
History of the Screw, Metal Roof, and Adhesive

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Humans have been connecting material using adhesives for thousands of years. Modern roofing companies are now using this tried-and-true technique to attach roofs with concealed fastener systems. The benefits of using adhesives for metal roofing are many, including the elimination of screw holes, reduced installation time, elimination of oil-canning and dimpling and more.

In this infographic, we walk you through the history of the screw, metal roof & adhesive to provide a comprehensive look into the way joining methods have been used throughout history.

Stealthbond Adhesive Infographic - The History of the Screw, Metal Roof, and Adhesive

4,000 B.C.

First use of adhesive at a burial site where broken pottery had been repaired with sticky resins from tree sap.

1500 – 1000 B.C.

Casket removed from the tomb of king tut shows the use of an adhesive in its construction.

Jerusalem, 970 B.C.

Copper metal roof found on a temple.

300 B.C.

Ancient Greeks: The first Screw’s big debut! The Ancient Greeks used screws in their machinery like olive and grape presses.

16th Century

The earliest screws were used in Military weapons to hold firearms together in the early 16th century. Other uses included armor.

1700 – 1900s

Widespread use of glue and adhesives grows, adhesives begin being manufactured on a commercial basis and advancements rapidly accelerated utilizing the use of natural rubbers, bones, fish, starch and milk proteins.

1840s – Today

Alternative uses for fasteners are explored in various marketing including aerospace, automotive, locomotive and home improvement.

Adhesive begins to replace fasteners in different markets.

Early 20th Century

Commercial metal roofing projects begin popping up.

Metal roofing takes a setback due to leaks created by expansion and contraction of metal and roof vulnerability to screw holes.

Present Day

Aerospace Industry

Adhesives are used for weight efficiency, sonic vibration damping and aerodynamic smoothness. Also, used on satellites for space conditions.

Automotive Industry

Adhesives were introduced to alleviate the welding points and bonding was added into the production line for automotive development.

Locomotive Industry

Adhesives are utilized to enclose framing for large outer areas, supporting the metal structure—making the train 25% lighter.

50 million cars, trucks and specialty vehicles and boats worldwide use structural adhesive bonding as established joining method.

Present Day

Metal roofing industry introduces various panels and coatings addressing setbacks from older metal roofing…

… but still no version of an exposed fastener panel installed without screws.

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