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StealthBond© Roofing Now Miami Dade Approved




StealthBond® Installation Video

StealthBond® Alternative Fastening Method

Design Pressures | Approval Windloads

StealthBond® inventor Jim Horton speaks about the protection our new product offers against the forces of nature and how StealthBond® stacks up against the competition!

Unique Application

Jim Horton discusses the development of the new installation process for the popular 5V Crimp panel without using exposed fasteners and how concealed adhesive installation has changed the metal roofing game!

StealthBond® | A Patented System

StealthBond® is a patented system! Listen to how the unique metal roofing installation system obtained its official patent.

Contractors weigh in on StealthBond’s Adhesive System

The StealthBond® System, sold through trained and authorized roofing professionals, uses our patented structural adhesive installation system to provide fastener free metal roofing.

StealthBond® installation contracted by Paul D. Furr at PDF Roofing!

Check out this StealthBond® barn installation contracted by Paul D. Furr at PDF Roofing! PDF Roofing used our Striated 5V Crimp Panel along with the StealthBond® Concealed Adhesive.

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Adhesive Facts

StealthBond®’s Jim Horton talks about how the revolutionary, proprietary adhesive system works and how well it stands up to the most extreme of temperatures and weather-related stresses.

Continuous Connection Leak Protection

StealthBond® provides an installation method that eliminates the need for exposed fasteners! Listen to StealthBond® inventor, Jim Horton, discuss the continuous adhesive bond provided by this unique installation method.

Connection and Strength through Bonding

The strength of the StealthBond® system comes from the continuous connection of the strap met with the strength of the adhesive.

StealthBond® featured on Roofers Coffee Shop!

Jim Horton talks with’s Heidi Ellsworth about StealthBond®’s new unique adhesive metal roofing system. Watch our video to learn more.

StealthBond® Installation System FAQs For Metal Roofing Contractors & Homeowners

There are a lot of options when it comes to installing a metal roofing system. We want you to feel confident with and understand the benefits of the StealthBond® Installation System. Watch our video to find out if StealthBond® is right for you.


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